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cbse school in balarsha
cbse school in balarsha

Humanity's great hope is that parents will act for the best,if they have awareness.

Though academic excellence is aimed at,it is also neccessary that the child be given oppprtunities.

As I belong to this school I shall be loyal to it.It shall be my constant endeavour to uphold the honour.

Promations are made after the annual examination based on his/her overall performance throughout the year.

Real eduaction means that a human beings is capable of being individualistic and at the same time contributes.

The school dtrives to draw out the ethical dimension for the precise purpose of arousing the individual's.

Principal Speech



Dear Parents and well wishers,

Montfort Higher Secondary School, Ballarpur started in the year 1995, and is run by the Brothers of St. Gabriel Educational Society, a worldwide religious organization that works in 36 nations across the globe.

All the schools, colleges and various other centers of Education across the world focus on value based education and all-round growth of the children. In a world that is being torn apart by various negative sources, we imbibe in the children to live a life of values and prepare for a better future.

We feel very happy and proud that you belong to this great Institution and the "Montfortian Family".

We would like you to develop and blossom with maturity into a true Montfortian with strong moral character, clear personal goals and genuine concern for others.

The large context of education is to prepare futuristic citizens for a meaningful and productive life in a Globalised society. There is a dire need to strengthen the Education system, more so in a pluralistic society which addresses itself to a heterogeneous society. Evaluation is a means of assessing the outcome of Education. But external or scholastic assessment alone will not help. So a Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation has been thought of. We need to look at the holistic assessment of a learner which includes co-scholastic areas like life- skills, attitude, values, sports and games as well as co-curricular activities.

This would have internal and external assessment. Therefore the CCE scheme brings about paradigm shift from examination to pedagogy.

The ten core life skills to be developed in a student are:

1 Self awareness                         2 Empathy
3 Critical thinking                         4 Creative thinking
5 Decision making                       6 Problem solving
7 Effective communication           8 Inter personal relationship
9 Coping with stress                    10 Coping with emotion

The quality of a school depends on the quality of its students. The rules, regulations, traditions, uniform, etc., are only a means to raise the quality of your life. At the same time we would like to stress more on effective learning through self regulation. In order to fulfill our mission, we need the constant support and co-operation of the parents and the alumni. We need to work together as a team to assure success.

We can "Make a Difference Together" in the lives of the students.

Wishing you a pleasant and effective learning.

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