About us

Montfort school is managed by the Religious Society of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, founded by St. Louis Marie de Montfort of France in 1705. As early as 1903 the Brothers arrived in India to educate the youth of the country. Today Brothers serve over 160 educational establishments throughout the country.

The Brothers in India serve the society in different capacities. They play an active role in setting up schools, technical Institutes, Colleges of higher learning, rehabilitation of blind and deaf, care for the aged, disabled and orphaned, youth organization in the slums, remote tribal villages and in movement for civil rights.

Montfort School (CBSE) is a Christian Minority Institution, established in June 1994 following the CBSE syllabus.


The process of starting Montfort School at Bamni was initiated by the provincial administration of central province headed by Bro. K.K Thomas as provincial. It was pioneered by Bro Celestine & Bro. Joy Padayatil in the year 1995-96. Bro C.A Thomas was the first correspondent for the year 1995. Bro Mathew K. Alexander was the founder principal. For the first one year brothers of the school were staying at Montfort I.T.I. In 1994 under the able guidance of Bro. Celestine fencing of the campus was completed. He also liad foundation stone for the new building. It was after one year, the work of the school building was taken up by Bro. Mathew Alexander. Bro. Mathew continued to head this institution till 2001 followed by Bro. G. Lourdu Reddy till 2007. Bro. Monson Kuriakose till 2013. Bro. Rayappa Reddy served the institution as a principal 2013 – 2015. At present we have Bro. Santosh Kumar at helm of affairs.