Old Students

Old Students Association (OSA)

My experience in Montfort is a very memorable one.
I studied seventh and tenth standards here.
The school’s ambience is very good.
Teachers staff and our dearest Monson Brother took excellent care of each and every student in the school.
I feel that I am fortunate to be a part of Montfort family.
I will always remember these lines said by Monson brother:

“Bloom wherever you are,
Be disciplined in life,
Continue to live our values,

Jyotsna Narasimhulu Kodisela

It was bliss to study in Montfort Higher Secondary School. I studied here from class I to X. In these ten years I progressed academically. The school also encourages all its students to excel in sports, cultural and literary activities. The use of Edu – com smart class helped a great deal in understanding. I would like to thank, The Principal Rev. Bro. Monson and all the teachers who helped me not only to learn the curriculum, extracurricular but also instilled in me the values of life.

(2010 BATCH)

Memories of Monfort

-Deep in to my heart, i have a lot of respect for my school(montfort).
-I think what ever success i have today is because of my school,my prirncipal & my staffs.
-Even with every basics of studies,sports & ofcourse notorius activities,i have learnt from my school.
-i made lots of friends,learnt many activities & enjoyed a lot my school life.
-i miss my school life a lot.And i love my school.
-lastly, i salute you brother(monson) for giving us the support we needed in our school life.


Fond Memories of School

It gives me immense joy to share my memories of Montfort school with you all .The school was never different from home for most students of my batch. We had an excellent group of teachers who gave each bit of themselves to help us improve in all aspects of our life and infuse in us the character to live a meaningful life.

I very vividly remember the extracurricular activities of our school, which we very enthusiastically participated in. The literary and cultural fests conducted in various cities across India were really an excellent platform to enrich and showcase a student’s talents. We also learnt to dream big due to encouragement from the teachers.

The concept of cabinet members really helps the students to learn the art of leadership actively. It grooms students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Thus I want to thank all the teachers who helped me to be what I am today. I still feel a strong sense of belonging with you all and the school.

Pankaj Khannade
(2007 Batch)

To me… Montfort is more than just a school…
It’s that place on earth…
Where for the first time…
I smiled in the classroom without fears…

Where after entering…
I was no longer afraid to dream…

Where I learned to see the world
Through a whole new positive angle…

Where I no more hesitated to express my thoughts…

Where I wrote hundreds of poems in great freedom…

Where I started to believe in myself…

Where I sat beneath the trees
Quietly talking to myself…
And my thoughts would go on hopping!

Montfort built me piece by piece…
And gave me the chance…
To be reborn again…

That’s Montfort School!
Sneha Chatterjee

I have spend some of my lifes wonderful movements in the school it was home for me to have so many loving and caring teachers. If god grants me a wish I would love to come back here and reline those wonderful movements.
Akshay Ladhi (2008 Batch)

Montfort Old Students association (OSA) had a formal get together for the first time during the year 2008 under the leadership of Principal Bro. Monson Kuriakose. We had around 150 old students experiencing & sharing their bond for 1 day. During this meeting we were privileged to have 2 formal principals namely Bro. Mathew & Bro. Lourdu Reddy. Meeting also was graced with the presence of Bro. M.A. Anthony. During this gathering an executive body was selected. Mr. Shinto Thomas was selected as president, Mr. Upneet Arora was selected as vice president & Mr. Devanand Lalwani was selected as secretary.

The next OSA meeting took place under the guidance of principal Bro. Monson Kuriakose. Due to unavoidable reasons both president & secretary of OSA was absent. We had around 125 students of different batches experiencing their nostalgic feelings. Bro. Mathew, Bro. David as well as larger number of teachers were present.

The next meeting was held on 27/10/2011. It was possible due to the spontaneous initiative of some of our old students like Pankaj, Shravya Reddy, Navin Reddy & Rakesh Reddy. Principal Bro Monson Kuriakose could not be present due to his pressing engagement. All the same the presence of Bro. Mathew, Bro. Lourdu Reddy both formal principals, B ro. Sudhakar, Bro. Lourduraj, Bro. Lourdu Merreddy, Bro. John Vaniapura, Bro Chacko & Bro C.A. Thomas was very encouraging. The absence of principal Bro. Monson Kuriakose, Bro. Santosh Kumar vice principal of the school saw to it that the program was very successful. In the meeting it was agreed upon to have the OSA gathering every 2 years. The batch of 2002-2003 has volunteered to conduct the next meeting. So far all the OSA meetings are held in the school campus itself.