From the Principal’s Desk

At the outset I am happy to pen a few words and it’s a privilege for me to share a few thoughts with you all….

Today the present scenario most of us like to give maximum priorities to subjects like Maths, Science etc.which we believe can get maximum satisfaction……

On the other hand today “Education”has become the most important aspect of our lives, while some of us take it for granted; others struggle to live with it. Present day education is far away from what we used to have in the early stages. Andit’s tough, sometimesrather complex. Teaching a student has become challenging and the whole education system has become tougher and tougher.

Dear parents and the teachers, today,it’s our bound duty and responsibility that we should be able to bloom the children where they are planted. More over as the time is changing so fast with a lot of explosion of information which are wanted and unwanted, healthy and unhealthy, but, we have to follow them closelyand guide them very carefully.

Children are borne without any malice in them. Generally the friendship and the surroundings and the family atmosphere make them what they become in the future. To lead them in the right track, we teachers and the parentshave to play a vital role. We have to bring them and make them a worthy and responsible citizen, for which He or She should feel they are important.

Last but not the least…..we can educate our children in a good school get them good marks and make them an engineer, doctor or an IAS officer etc. on the other hand, if we don’t teach them the good values in their life, towards to their parents, teachers, and elders and to the society at large….. Our teaching will become meaningless and worthless….

Let me put down my pen with a small thought;

“We want our children to become warm,decent human beings whoreach out generously to those in need. We hope they find values and idealsto give their lives purpose.So that they contribute to the world and make it a better place because they have lived in it. Intelligence, success and high achievements are worthy goals, but mean nothing if our children arenot made awareof the existence of kind and loving people”.